Naples bilingual school

Sequoia is among the longest established bilingual schools in Naples. We offer a fully bilingual educational  path that starts from nursery school and continues throughout elementary and middle school.

Our teaching approach is unique. Theory and practice alternate and complement each other so that our  students develop into 'citizens of the world' within an environment of continuous thought, dialogue and  reflection.

An intercultural school

The disciplinary areas are those defined by the Italian national curriculum and informed by an in-depth  analysis of independent study methods. Students are welcomed into an intercultural context and from an  early age they acquire soft skills which will help them recognise and realize their ambitions: autonomy, self confidence, adaptability, ability to organize, achieve objectives, manage information, take initiative and work in  teams.

Growing up bilingual

Bilingualism is a fundamental part of our educational and teaching activity. Italian teachers and native  speakers encourage students to become citizens of the world to build a future of opportunities in an open,  global and intercultural context.

Students grow bilingual by absorbing languages naturally within the activities  planned for the school day.

The Sequoia method thus enhances children's natural learning ability and enhances their ability to establish  connections and create progressively more complex and articulated syntheses and concepts.