Preschool and Kindergarten

Preschool and Kindergarten

The Sequoia Nursery School welcomes children from two and a half to five and a half years of age.

Children enrolled in the first two classes, Preschool and Pre-K, enjoy separate environments, carefully  designed to allow them to follow activities which develop creativity, self-awareness, autonomy, fine-motor  and gross-motor skills. They are also provided with valid and lasting logical, mathematical, linguistic and  scientific skills in both English and Italian.


Children in the third year of our school attend Kindergarten: a very different school environment from that of previous years. Our Kindergarten is specially structured for the educational and training needs of older children, with activities designed for new areas of learning.

The Kindergarten curriculum also includes music,  gymnastics and computer training activities with qualified teachers. 

Teaching method

The program of the infant school follows the Italian national curriculum and is supplemented with an English  language preparation programme, provided by experienced mother tongue teachers.

Our communicative  approach with the children takes place in a fully bilingual environment – content and language integrated  learning – which provides for the integrated learning of communicative and disciplinary skills in English.  Children are at the center of daily teaching with a variety of stimulating activities, so that all their potential  and abilities are fully developed in a harmonious, motivating and stimulating atmosphere.

In addition, skilful preparation with a careful choice of learning tools enables the child to learn by doing, thus  making learning enjoyable and lasting. Children during their pre-school years will also be guided in their  development of organizational skills and study methods.

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